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Where to go in India in february


One of the four Dravidian states of India, Tamil Nadu is located in the south-eastern part of the Indian Peninsula. It is known to have had more than 4000 years of cultural history.

Tamil Nadu is well renowned for its temple towns and heritage sites, hill stations, waterfalls, national parks, local cuisine and the fabulous wildlife and scenic beauty. Tamil Nadu has some of the most remarkable temple architecture in the country, and a living tradition of music, dance, folk arts and fine arts.


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About Ooty
Ooty, also known as Ootacamund, Udagamandalam or Udhagai is the capital of Nilgiris district in the state of Tamil Nadu. Nilgiris means Blue Mountains. It is famous as the Queen of hill stations and known for its numerous tea estates.
Hailed as one of the most popular tourist resorts in India, Ooty is also a land of picturesque picnic spots. This beautiful, small town is situated at an altitude of 2,240 meters above sea level. Lofty mountains, dense forest, scenic grasslands and miles of tea gardens greet the tourists here.
This hill-station used to be a popular summer and weekend getaway for the British during the colonial days. The town served as the summer capital of Madras Presidency in British era in India. Even the wounded soldiers of the British army were sent here to recover after a war. However, there is no historical data showing Ooty to have been under the rule of any Indian kingdom or dynasty. The closest relevance is given to King Tipu Sultan.
Hotels in Ooty usually provide rooms with a beautiful view of the luscious green valleys. Everything from budget to luxury hotels is available in this small town. Budget hotels charge anything between Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,800 for a double bedroom. Students’ dormitories are also available where the rates are reasonable for students.
Luxury hotels have rooms with a picturesque view of the entire city and the mountains. They also provide internet access.
Ooty is well known for bread, buns, cakes and handmade chocolates; it would be a good idea for tourists fond of tasting local cuisines to sample the local bakeries. Ooty people follow a typical Madrasi cuisine, but one can also find Chettinad cuisine, which is one of the spiciest and most aromatic cuisines in India. Try the Chettinad chicken pepper which is a speciality of the city. There are numerous restaurants in Ooty, mostly offering South Indian food, but some do offer North Indian stuff.